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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starfox 64 3D and why Nintendo is evil (another Fanboy Rant)


I know I have a bias opinion. I haven't owned a current Nintendo system since the N64 and even that only had one really fantastic game (Mario 64 was garbage and doesn't hold up. Goldeneye was garbage compared to Quake on the PC).

I was in high school when this game came out and I loved it. It was fast paced, fun for everyone (not a kiddie game), had multiple paths and level paths, and was in general a great game with a great story, world, and mechanics. Win all around. Great job Nintendo.

Starfox 64 originally was released in 1997. 14 years ago. Now it is being released and packaged as a brand new game. I am a huge fan of people who release their back catalog and make it accessible on modern hardware. I bought Doom for $5 on XBLA. Hell I love gog.com. My big problem is adding a gimmick and using it to justify a new game price tag.

When was the last time Nintendo put out a new franchise? When was the last time Nintendo did something new and different? I just really feel like I am in the movie soylent green and I am the only one who knows the truth; that Nintendo is content to milk it's past success's and will continue doing so as long as the unwashed masses fork over whatever sums of money Nintendo ask for.

Thankfully the awful 3DS is doing so miserably. How ya feelin' now if you paid full price for that hunk of junk? My phone plays better, cheaper games and it makes phone calls too.

I will end my rant with a best case scenario. I think it is great when a publisher or developer releases old games at a discounted rate to supplement income to develop new properties. I love that Square Enix gave Eidos Montreal the artistic freedom to make Deus Ex Human Revolution. That used to be Nintendo. I don't think it ever will be again and if you buy the same game 14 years later for full price it's your fault.


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