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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Violence, Gore, and everything I would want in a Video Game

I’ve been thinking a lot about my post yesterday and how gamers are seen as loving violence. I thought to myself, “is this so untrue?” Some of my favorite movies are incredibly violent and disgusting. Sin City ranks as one of my favorites as does Pulp Fiction, and District 9 which all share common themes of extreme violence and flawed heroes reaching for lofty goals. When I first started playing video games some of my favorites were Golden Axe, Altered Beast, and Mercs (can you tell ours was a Genesis household?).
This lead me to think about a violent shooter that is one of the many anticipated sequels coming out this year that (all of this is speculation based on past entries and the gorgeous trailers and marketing) does look violent, gory, disgusting, and everything I want in a video game. That game would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

First off this game is a shooter. You go around killing people and destroying things. It’s violent. There are guns, hand to hand combat, explosions and explosives, etc. I would also argue the trailer is very disgusting. It alludes to power struggles and abuses, human beings being so mistreated they resort to violence, chaos, and generally not just attacking the human body, but the human spirit as well. That always disturbs me more than blood and guts.

The marketing that publisher Square Enix and developer Edios Montreal have put together is absolutely spectacular and is about as fine of an example of how to target your audience (at least me being in the 24 to 38 year old male nerd category) and get them to really anticipate paying full price for your product.

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